Testing Processes

Testing Processes

Testing and Quality Inspections

The masks at the production facilities will be tested using state-of-the-art testing equipment, protocols, and procedures as required by Health Canada and NIOSH.  Each of these tests have passed the standards required for both certifications. The testing that has taken place for certification is as follows:

  1. Synthetic Blood Penetration Testing
  2. Bacterial Efficiency Testing
  3. Particulate Efficiency Testing
  4. Flammability Testing
  5. Inhalation and Exhalation Testing 
  6. Strap tensile strength Testing
  7. Quantitative Fit Testing

During production, testing will be performed on the produced masks as per the Military Spec for both variable and attributes. These tests are documented in the Quality manual and will be performed on the product as per documented and approved procedures. The company will also employ continuous improvement to monitor quality incidents and failures and through engaging quality teams will implement corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. Both Health Canada and NIOSH will Audit the facilities on a regular basis for the maintenance of the NIOSH and MDEL certification. Production testing of the masks and raw materials will be as follows:

  1. Particulate Efficiency Testing with a TSI testing machine utilizing NACL
  2. Particulate Efficiency Testing of raw materials with TSI Testing Machine
  3. Strap Strength Testing to ensure straps can withstand 1kg of force
  4. Weld Seam Tensile Testing to verify strength of vertical weld
  5. Tensile Testing to verify melt blown raw materials
  6. In-production monitoring of weld machine currents to verify weld seam quality
  7. Visual inspection of mask physical appearance and mask labeling

Testing Equipment

lab testing machine

Lab Tensile Testing Machine will be utilized in the production process for testing tensile strength of the raw Melt-blown materials, as well as the head strap materials prior to being utilized in the process. The machine will also measure and record in the quality data base the strength of the vertical weld seam and head strap weld joint strength. 


TSI Mask Testing Machine will be utilized in the production process for testing of Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) The machine will provide test results for the NACL test ensuring the N95 mask produces results that exceed 95% PFE at 85lpm.  The machine will also be utilized to verify raw materials coming in the facility to ensure the raw materials are able to provide the required PFE prior to being used on the production process.