Quality Statement

Quality Statement

Quality Statement

Advanced Material Supply Ltd. and its associated companies are totally committed to delivering satisfaction to our customers by providing them with high quality products and services that are continuously monitored for defects through sound and sustainable continued improvement practices. 

We will continuously strive to improve our manufacturing and distribution performance, by deploying the best quality strategies and tools available to us. Additionally, we will endeavor to always update and understand the requirements of our jobs and the systems and procedures that sustain us, through employing quality teams, training our workers, and by establishing a culture of responsibility and accountability. We will aggressively confirm and verify the security of our supply chains and continuously be vigilant to ensure counterfeit products cannot enter our product lines. 

Our dedication to quality must be absolute and cannot be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality.

Gene Fritzel

Letter from the President

August 31, 2020

RE: Quality commitment and differentiator for Advanced Material Supply Ltd. 

To our valued customers,

Advanced Material Supply Ltd. understands the products we are manufacturing and distributing are used in the protection of people, protecting these people from hazards is the main deliverable in our business. As such, we hold as a core value the understanding that we can never compromise on quality and must continually verify the quality of the products that we distribute. We as an organization verify all of our supply chains and manufacturers, through reference checks, production facility site visits and meetings to ensure that our manufacturers hold the same quality values as we do. We also have enlisted a third-party testing agency and regimen to ensure that our products are tested against established international standards.

We are keenly aware that throughout the pandemic there are a large number of organizations who have become opportunistic and are selling counterfeit or substandard products. These organizations are not credible, and the owners and representatives of their companies are nameless and faceless individuals whom have little to no internet presence in which to verify their identities, past experience and professional history. As a company we have recognized that this can be a differentiator between us as legitimate organization with a long-term view, and those organizations who are just in the business until the pandemic passes. Due to recognizing the opportunity this presents to us, we have provided bios, histories and credentials of our leadership group, along with links to our online profiles. Through this transparency we seek to build credibility and garner the trust of out clients and stakeholders.

As I have found while building a business in the pandemic environment, there are many people who are not what they try to represent. We absolutely stand by the quality of our products and have confidence in our ability to provide a high-quality product within the quoted time frames. We also see our Canadian location as a benefit as we are a country of laws and covenants that provide out customers with a level of confidence that their funds are secure and that we will deliver on our commitments.  If you have any concerns or questions with respect to our quality, or the manner in which we secure and verify our supply chains, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Gene Fritzel
Advanced Material Supply Ltd.
Advanced Medical Manufacturing Ltd.
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