Who We Are

Who We Are

Advanced Material Supply Ltd.

Advanced Material Supply Ltd. was formed in 2020, and incorporated in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, as a company for the purpose of sourcing and supply of materials including import and export, for our medical manufacturing business. The company is jointly held by Alpha Plus Health & Safety (owned by Fanny Pallot), and Sperrylite Ventures (owned by Gene Fritzel and Anne Fritzel). The company has established supply chains established with high quality manufacturers in Asia for the supply of raw materials for domestic mask manufacturing as well as medical equipment manufactured by top “white list” manufacturers in Asia who have been vetted and qualified as suppliers of high quality, tested products approved for use in North America. Advanced Medical Supply has ensured the highest quality of products are delivered and that the supply chains are secure with verification steps to ensure our clients of both our produced masks, as well as our distributed products are comfortable in knowing that the products supplied are not counterfeit.  The ownership of the business is held by people with past proven history of business success as well as credentials that ensure that we operate our business in a manner that is ethical and responsible. AMS has distribution agreements in place with Dasheng and Harley Commodity, as well as CJJ. The company holds an MDEL for the Manufacture and Distribution of class 1 medical devices in Canada, as well as export and import of these products.

Alpha Plus Health & Safety Inc.

Alpha Plus Health & Safety, incorporated in Tracadie, New Brunswick, has been in operation since 2013 supplying health and safety services to industry and medical institutions. APHS is owned by Fanny Pallot and distributes medical products from well established manufacturers. APHS has operations in Edmonton Alberta, operating as Alberta Safety First. APHS has operating revenues in the 50 million per year range. APHS brings knowledge of medical device distribution and testing to the organization.

Sperrylite Ventures Ltd.

Sperrylite Ventures, incorporated in Dawson Creek, British Columbia has been in business since 2008 and through Gene Fritzel founded All Peace Industrial Contractors, which was assumed by the OCL Group in 2018. The OCL group is an industrial service provider that provides construction and maintenance services in the manufacturing, forestry, mining, oil and gas industries with operating revenues in the 150 million range. OCL has a superior safety performance and has been actively managing their operations with respect to health and safety and leads in safety performance in their business segment. Sperrylite Ventures brings knowledge and experience in facility design and construction as well as operation and quality management to the organization.

Alpha Medical Manufacturing Inc.

Alpha Medical Manufacturing incorporated in Tracadie, New Brunswick, is the Canadian mask manufacturing business of the group. Alpha is currently in the process of installing a 10-line manufacturing facility in New Brunswick with a planned annual manufacturing capacity of 168 million N95 flat fold filtering face piece respirators per year. The large portion of these masks have been presold on a 5-year term contract and additional capacity is planned to be added as longer-term contracts are secured with the provincial and federal government in Canada.

Advanced Medical Manufacturing Ltd.

Advanced Medical Manufacturing incorporated in Delaware is the US arm of the group located in Olympia, Washington is in the planning phase of a production facility for domestic production inside the United States with a planned production of 168 million masks per annum. This facility is proposed to be located in Olympia, Washington.